Project No.: 8388

Support under the Incentive System “Qualification of PMEs”

Project Name: AB_WB – AMBAR WEB

Eligible Cost: 20,000.00

Financial Support: 15,000.00

Project Overview

AMBAR PASSION currently offers services of design, creation and production of school paper products (notebooks, binders, school calendars, document boxes, among others), office (notebooks, binders, diaries, notebooks, files, etc.) and home (Paper bags). As part of the project, the company intends to contract consultancy services in the field of digital economy, information and communication technologies, with the aim of developing an online store for the sale and promotion of AMBAR products.

The proposed project aims to obtain inbound marketing tools, creating a way of being closer to the final Client and increasing the degree of geographical coverage of the company. The purpose is to create an e-commerce site with a very appealing, functional and intuitive design, in order to facilitate interaction with Customers and increase the probability of purchase. AMBAR hopes to regain its degree of recognition and notoriety in the market, increasing the visibility of the brand and its products.

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